About us

“…over 30 years of tradition!”

About us

The company
Mamut tim

The company Mamut-tim d.o.o. was pinned on the world map in 2007, yet we are still bound to our present work by over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the field of grinding, acquired both at home and abroad. Our experience has been further enhanced with our work as part of the research team at the University of Maribor.

We offer our existing and future business partners our full range of products and accessories for cutting, grinding and machining of various materials under the MAMUT brand, or under their own.

The company's vision

Our vision is to expand, to grow and to produce quality products that are the result of our own development in our production facilities, or produced according to our strict technological requirements and standards. In this way, we wish to maintain our existing ones, while expanding our new business ties and markets.


Through business processes, we follow the strategy we have set for ourselves. With an efficient development and production chain, we aim to provide our partners with products of suitable quality. Our goal is to further enhance and expand the company to foreign countries.

Quality policy

Our objective is to produce products of such quality that we will meet all legal requirements, while meeting the needs of our business partners and employees.

With a fair partnership, we strive to maintain and improve the satisfaction of our business partners, by always sticking to what has been agreed, finding common solutions and by adapting to their needs. All processes in our sales and production facilities are maintained at the level of the requirements of the implemented ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards and are constantly being improved and upgraded.

We are constantly investing in infrastructure and development and ensuring continuous development of our employees through education and training.

Competitive advantages

Our more than 30 years of experience in sanding products and semi-products gives us our key competitive advantage.

Own production

Our advantage is our own production facilities for high-quality sanding discs and wheels.

High-quality servicing

We provide high-quality services and products.

Fast delivery

Since the speed of delivery is of key importance, we ensure that our products are despatched and delivered quickly.