Citation: The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

ECP website in Slovenia:

Name of the operation:  Establishment and upgrade of electronic commerce of the company MAMUT TIM d.o.o.

Operation abbreviation: E-MAMUT TIM


Description of the operation with the purpose and objectives of the operation:

At MAMUT TIM d.o.o. a complete redesign and upgrade of e-business will be conducted. For this, state-of-the-art approaches will be used.


Electronic exchange between partners

The objective of this measure is the establishment and upgrade of electronic exchanges, interfaces and secure connections between partners in order to automate and digitize international B2B supply chain processes aiming to reduce all costs of MAMUT TIM d.o.o., efficient inventory and delivery management and increased responsiveness to customer needs.


Website for foreign markets

The purpose of this measure is to modernize the website, which will, among other things, be adapted for mobile devices and optimized for search engines in line with the latest industry trends and requirements. With the aim of accessing and expanding to foreign markets, two foreign languages will be added (currently the website content is available in Slovenian and English).


Online store

The purpose of this measure is to set up a new online store, which will open new sales channels to foreign markets. The user-friendly online store will feature a variety of functionalities in line with the latest trends.


Product sales video

The product sales video will present the company’s existing range of products in a modern way. The objective of production of the video is to build trust in our own MAMUT brand and the products that are the result of our own development and production. With the video, we want to showcase the quality of the brand and place ourselves side by side with the biggest companies.


Building competences – training

In the first part, management staff will attend training and awareness-raising in the field of e-commerce, and in the second part, examples of good practices in the introduction and implementation of “Industry 4.0”, which have been successfully implemented by foreign and Slovenian companies, will be presented and will be implemented at the general and at the industry level.


Financial support:

The call for tenders for operations is partly financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The call for tenders for the selection of operations is carried out under the “Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014–2020”, priority axis “Enhancing the international competitiveness of SMEs”; priority investments “Development and implementation of new business models for SMEs, especially in relation to internationalization”; specific objective of “Enhancing the international competitiveness of SMEs”.


Results of the operation:

The complete redesign of the electronic sales channels will help reach new (potential) and existing customers faster and easier. The new tools and channels will, with the same number of employees, make it easier and faster to achieve productivity and higher added value of the company.

Electronic ordering of products and direct connection of orders with the information system will shorten the order processing time and simplify the communication.

The new website will contribute to the higher perceived value of the MAMUT brand and directly and indirectly contribute to increased sales of our products abroad.

The product sales video, which will be published on the company website and on social media, will help us effectively present the quality of our products while increasing the trust of both existing and new customers in the products of our brand.

The redesigned online store will, using modern technologies adapted to current technological, marketing and sales trends, directly influence an increase in sales abroad.

Activities within this measure, building competences – training, will help connect the above-mentioned activities into an effective whole and enable us to maximize the use of their functionalities.