We produce high-quality grinding wheels and lamellar grinding wheels, which comply with all the applicable standards.


The production process at Mamut begins with the purchase and control of technologically adequate and quality-tested raw materials.

Cutting and grinding disks

After careful preparation and launch of the process documentation for the ordered product, the mixing process follows, where the grains are first mixed with liquid resin (and evenly distributed throughout the mixture), and then the powder fillers and powder resin are added. In this way, the mixture for the production of cutting and grinding wheels or resin-bound grinders is obtained.

The so prepared mixture is compressed into a blank. By changing the compression pressure, we control the density of the finished product. At this point we also check that the blank meets the appropriate quality parameters, such as thickness, weight, hole tolerance and deficit, as required by the tender documentation. Because at this stage the cutting and grinding disks are still fragile, soft and brittle, we secure them by stacking them between underlay plates and fixing the bundles with screws. This provides the necessary protection for the next manufacturing step: thermal treatment or polymerisation of the grinding disks.

Flap disks

Flap disks are produced on a special automated machine, which first applies glue to a fiberglass base and then inserts the blades into it. These too are stacked into bundles and then given over to heat treatment.

Fixed and stable bundles of flap disks, stacked into specially shaped metal racks, are transported and loaded into a chamber furnace, which is designed to meet the requirements of specific raw materials and to house quality-controlled polymerization and curing.

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